want1 W1S1 [wɔnt US wo:nt, wa:nt] v [not usually in progressive]
5 what do you want?
6¦(ask for somebody)¦
8 if you want
9 who wants ...?
10 I just wanted to say/know etc
11 I don't want to sound/be ..., but ...
Phrasal verbs
 want for something
 want in
 want out
[Date: 1100-1200; : Old Norse; Origin: vanta]
1.) ¦(DESIRE)¦ [T]
to have a desire for something
I really want a drink.
What do you want for your birthday?
She'd always wanted to go to Thailand.
I don't want Linda to hear about this.
He didn't want the holiday to end.
You can order whatever you want .
This shampoo is mild enough to use every day if you want .
If she doesn't get what she wants , she's not happy.
He wanted that job so badly he was willing to kill for it.
They desperately wanted a son.
What I want to know is when we're going to get paid.
All I want is the chance to prove myself.
Oh thank you, it's just what I've always wanted .
see usage notewish1
2.) ¦(NEED)¦ [T]
used to say that you need something or to ask someone firmly to do something for you
Do you still want these magazines, or can I throw them out?
want sth done
I want that letter typed today.
want sb to do sth
I want you to find out what they're planning.
Do you want me to pick you up at the airport?
make you want to cry/throw up etc
(=give you a strong feeling that you must do something)
It always makes me want to sneeze.
What do you want with a tool kit (=what do you need it for) ?
want doing
BrE informal (=need to be done)
The carpet really wants cleaning.
3.) ¦(OFFER)¦ [T]
used when offering or suggesting something to someone
Do you want a drink?
Do you want me to come with you?
Want a game of chess?
Who wants a cup of coffee (=used to offer something to a group of people) ?
4.) ¦(SHOULD)¦ [T]
spoken especially BrE used to say that something is sensible or that someone should do it, especially when giving advice
may/might want to do sth
You might want to install anti-virus software.
wouldn't want to do sth
(=used to say something would not be a good idea)
I wouldn't want to come here at night.
want to do sth
You want to see a doctor about that cough.
You don't want to leave that - it'll get wet.
5.) what do you want?
used to ask, often in a slightly rude way, what someone wants you to give them, do for them etc
What do you want now? I'm busy.
What do you want - chocolate or vanilla?
to ask for someone to come and talk to you, or to come to a particular place
You're wanted on the phone.
Christine wants you in her office now.
7.) ¦(LACK)¦ [I and T] formal
to suffer because you do not have something
In many poorer countries, people still want basic food and shelter.
8.) if you want
a) used to offer to do something
I'll come with you if you want.
b) used to invite someone to do something or to give them permission
Join in if you want.
You can stay if you want to .
c) used when someone suggests doing something, to say that you will do it, although you do not especially want to
'Hey, shall we go to the beach?' 'If you want.'
9.) who wants ...?
used to say that you do not like something or do not think that it is worth doing
Who wants to go to a noisy disco anyway?
10.) I just wanted to say/know etc
used to politely say something, ask about something etc
I just wanted to check that the meeting is still on next week.
11.) I don't want to sound/be ..., but ...
used to be polite when you are going to tell someone something that may upset them
I don't want to sound rude, but I think you've had too much to drink.
12.) ¦(SEX)¦ [T] informal
if you want someone, you want to have sex with them
want for [want for sth] phr v
not want for sth/want for nothing
to have something you need, or everything you need
Say what you like, my kids never wanted for anything.
want in phr v
1.) especially AmE to want to be involved in something
You want in, Mike?
2.) AmE to want to go into a place
The dog wants in.
want out phr v
1.) to want to stop being involved in something
She was fed up and she wanted out.
2.) AmE to want to leave a place
I think the cat wants out.
COLLOCATES for sense 1
want to do something
want somebody to do something
want something to happen
whatever/anything you want
whenever/wherever you want (to)
if you want (to)
get what you want
do what you want
want something badly
desperately want something
what I want (to do) is ...
all I want is ...
just what I('ve) always wanted (=used to thank someone for a present that you really like)
want 2
want2 n
1 for (the) want of something
2 for want of a better word/phrase etc
3 not for want of something
4 for want of anything better (to do)
6¦(no food/money etc)¦
7 be in want of something
1.) for (the) want of sth
used to say that you do not have or cannot find what you need in a particular situation
The gallery closed down for want of funding.
2.) for want of a better word/phrase etc
used to say that you cannot find an exact word or phrase to describe something
They should behave, for want of a better word, decently.
3.) not for want of sth
used to say that even though something did not happen or succeed, it was not because you did not try hard enough or have what you needed
not for want of (doing) sth
Well, if he doesn't get the job it won't be for want of trying !
4.) for want of anything better (to do)
if you do something for want of anything better, you do it only because there is nothing else you want to do
5.) ¦(LACK)¦ [U and C] formal
something that you need but do not have
The report said there had been a disgraceful want of proper care.
a situation in which you do not have enough food, money, clothes etc
the chronic want and deprivation in the townships
7.) be in want of sth
formal to need something
The house is sadly in want of repair.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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